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I’m just gonna stay quiet.

I’m not going to talk anymore. No one will even notice i’m there because i will not allow myself to say a lot unless if necessary.

Jan 3

If you were to die tomorrow, do you feel like you made any type of impact?

- Skye Townsend

Jan 3

I’m so pathetic…. Oh well I guess..

사랑은 우리에 게 미친, 무모 한, 바보, 그리고 편집증

Fuck everything bro

I don’t know what to do with myself anymore

I’m really tired of people thinking that they can just try me.

I guess you got bored of me…

RIP to the 26 children that died today from gunshots <\3

Dec 9

I think I’m just not going to express myself anymore.

Dec 7

I’m done

Honestly, you don’t know me

You don’t understand me

You’re incapable of being understanding because you’re ignorant, close-minded, & stubborn

& i’m pretty sure you don’t believe in me.

I’ve been avoiding fights & i’ve been doing a good job, so i know now this subject will never come up again.

(Source: they-think-they-know-us)

There’s so much that I wanna say

But I can’t because nothing is pretty much gonna happen, except that i might become more paranoid.

I don’t even know…

I just feel like I can’t or shouldn’t say anything, it feels like a bad idea….

I don’t know what to do anymore……..

Girl On Fire (Inferno Version) ft. Nicki Minaj
Alicia Keys

Girl On Fire (Inferno Version) - Alicia Keys ft. Nicki Minaj

I’m really getting tired

I’m really getting tired of feeling this way

Of suddenly feeling nothing or depression

& of not knowing why

I’m tired of all the negative energy that i receive almost everywhere i go through out the day

I’m tired of seeing disrespect everywhere i look

I’m tired of the paranoia, the anxiety, the nervousness, always worried if i do something right or wondering if what i’m doing is right without having a turbulent result

I’m tired of overthinking. About every thing in life that gives me joy when i’m not emotionless or depressed.

I just needed to let go. Because there is just so much that a person can take. & i need be grateful with my life. I’m trying. Because i am. Just many things make it hard for me…

But i guess… Nothing in life is easy…